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Idir: Audio Trail & Zine

Fri. 19 - Sun. 21 November


Zine released Thu. 18 November.

Audio Contributors:
jenn_dream_cycles, Clíona Ni Laoi,
Olivia Furey, Natalia Beylis,
Fulacht Fiadh, Katie Kim

Zine Contributors: 
Séan Hickey, Paul Corrigan,
Kim Kennedy, Mary Looby and Alice Lyons
Interior art by Faerie Lord,
Additional art by Donal Adams,
Cover art by Roisin Tree,
Layout by Adam Rooke and Pulled
Zine curated and edited by Adam Rooke

Audio trail curated by Edel Doherty
Produced by Spilt Milk Festival

Idir is an audio trail and zine in which musicians, writers, and artists will guide you on a walk to the outskirts of Sligo, taking in sights and sounds not often noticed by tourists or by locals. Along the way you’ll meet the Garavogue river and it’s cast of birds and mammals, alien motherships, memories of those gone and mysterious frog people!

The trail features audio pieces by Clíona Ní Laoi, Fulacht Fiadh, jenn_dream_cycles, Katie Kim, Olivia Furey & Natalia Beylis tapping into the history and ecology of the area which can be accessed via QR code along the route – bring your own headphones to listen along. While stories from Alice Lyons and Paul Corrigan, essays from Mary Looby and Sean Hickey and narrative visual work from Kim Kennedy and the Faerie Lord collective cast Sligo in a new light and capture it’s soggy beauty at the close of the year.

Available throughout the weekend, the zine is available to purchase from Bookmart on Bridge Street, where the trail begins, and includes a map to find the audio pieces. Remaining copies will be available on Bandcamp after the festival.