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Line Up

Baby Nits

BABY NITS are DIY wingless insects that spend their lives on the human scalp, feeding exclusively on human blood, making art & alien techno folk tunes.

They’ve played at Electric Picnic, DDR’s Alternating Current & Arcadian Field


Big Tears

Self-describing as “bubblegum trannycore” Big Tears are an all-trans three-piece girl group from Dublin. With songs about sex, romance and heartbreak, their sound is unabashedly cherrypicked from queercore, garage punk, and 60s rock ‘n’ roll. A DIY cassette EP “Love & Misery” will be released late 2023.



Cáit has been honing her craft over the years, playing at parties across Ireland, Berlin, London and more. It’s hard to pin down her DJing to a single genre or style. Her selections are sentimental, while always forward thinking; blurring the lines between past and present in exciting ways. The high energy she brings to the decks translates onto dancefloors big and small. Cáit’s sets are highly regarded for their fun atmosphere, as well as for their sensitivity and attunement to dancers.


IG: @caitfa

The Clumsy Giantess

Tara Baoth Mooney is an interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses sound, performance, textiles, drawing, and video. She collaborates with a persona ‘The Clumsy Giantess’. Mooney’s work moves around sound, spoken-song, and spindly line drawings which she often makes while writing new material.


Crying Loser

Do you ever stare at the ceiling at night, paralysed with dread, obsessing over missed opportunities?  Everyone is just trying to make some type of human connection, why is it so hard? Crying Loser may be the key to unlocking your full potential and harnessing your inner truth, however depressing that may be. With two highly regarded, unreleased albums under their belt they hope to snatch critical acclaim from the jaws of defeat.


Dream Alfalfa

Dream Alfalfa are a band from County Sligo formed in 2022 by Milo Cummins and Hugh McSweeney. Their sound, influenced by funk, post-punk, jazz and folk, often incorporates catchy synthesizer lines, sliding fretless bass and soul-inspired piano. Though the group began as a way of developing demos written by Cummins, the band often performs these compositions in loose arrangements, pairing them with spontaneous improvised passages.


E The Artist

E The Artist is a Nigerian-Irish atmosphere artist from Coolock, North Dublin. His performances highlight multicultural harmony and dissonance in a contemporary Ireland.


Elaine Howley

Elaine Howley is a Cork based vocalist, musician and producer notably of The Altered Hours, Crevice and Howlbux. Her work features collages of analogue processes and experimental soundscapes which create a rich and immersive experience. Her debut solo album The Distance Between Heart and Mouth was released in 2022 to widespread acclaim and she has since performed solo on tour in the UK, Ireland and Europe throughout 2023.



Fiend is a four-piece punk band that formed in Galway in late 2015, with members currently split between Galway and Dublin. Playing a blend of post-punk and hardcore they have just released a 2 song flexi vinyl with Crew Cuts records based in Plymouth (UK) and are currently putting the finishing touches on an LP which will hopefully be released in the next year.


IG: @fiend_hc 


Moundabout is the collaborative project of Paddy Shine (Gnod) and Phil ‘Langero’ Masterson (Los Langeros/Bisect/Damp Howl). Finding inspiration in nature and prehistorical ruminations, they have recorded 2 albums for Rocket Recordings, the most recent of which “An Cnoc Mór’ was recorded in a yurt in the Galtee Mountains. The sound is like ethereal megalithic folk desert mantras if such a thing existed. Their debut album ‘Flowers Rot, Bring Me Stones’ featured at number 11 in The Quietus’ best albums of 2022. They have performed across Europe and at Le Guess Who Festival.


Mohammad Syfkhan

Mohammad Syfkhan is a singer and bouzouki player originally from Syria, now based in Carrick on Shannon, Co Leitrim. He blends songs and music from various traditions from the Middle East and North Africa to create his own blend of ecstatic party music. He includes some modern takes of traditional and folkloric Kurdish songs as well as some original music of his own in his live performance. His debut album will be coming out on Nyahh Records Autumn 2023 titled ‘I am Kurdish’.

Natalia Beylis

Natalia Beylis’ music revolves somewhere between sonic story-teller and multi-instrumental explorer. She has released over 40 albums between solo works and collaborations and has appeared on numerous compilations. While she regularly records on a variety of traditional instruments (mainly pianos, organs, keyboards and mandola), she is just as likely to use non-musical sound sources within her compositions. For example, she recently released an album using just the sounds created by a domestic sewing machine. In her live performances, Natalia layers seemingly incongruous sounds atop of each other to spawn strange juxtapositions and garbled parallels by exploring the sonic potentials of found objects, cassette tapes and field recordings. Natalia’s latest release ‘Mermaids’ and ‘Library of Sticks’ are available from Nyahh Records and Artsy Records.



NIMF (Aoibhín Redmond) is an Irish performance artist. Selected for Keychange 2022 as a female artist and future leader in the music industry, NIMF’s ‘A Ballad for Looking into Time’ was rated as Number 1 Track of the Year by The Thin Air Magazine. NIMF has been picked as Dan Hegarty’s The Alternative RTÉ 2FM Track of the Week, featured on RTÉ Raidio na Gaeltachta, The Thin Air, Bandcloud, Kirkos Ensembles’ Spatial Audio Concert, Gorilla Vs. Bear, Sirius XM, The Guardian, and has performed in venues across Ireland, recently performing in Gallery X, Dublin, and abroad at Different Sounds Festival, Poland. Having just completed a Master’s in Music and Media Technology in Trinity College Dublin, NIMF explores the concept of the uncanny and horror in music and audiovisual mediums.

NIMF has conjured a non-material territory. Cries and calls that are at once xenolithic and eschatological. A death drive as an alien agency hidden in the most Delphic arteries of catacombs of her casualty’s psyche, weaving The Oneiricological Sirenoscape. Portraying the uncanny through ætherphone, retrogressive sample use, and electroacoustic soundscapes


IG: @nimf_

Rising Damp

Rising Damp is an experimental band whose sound fuses experimental music, EBM and post punk. Known for their unconventional performances, they’re no stranger to underground shows in tunnels, underpasses, and social centres. Led by visual artist, Michelle Doyle, she is joined by Ivan Pawle on synth/guitar and Sarah Grimes on drums. Their songwriting delves into subjects as diverse as brutalist architecture, cannibalism, intimate encounters with a motorbike, and thought-provoking themes of corporate metaphor and innovation.


Some Remain

Some Remain are an Alternative Punk 4 piece from Sligo. They craft catchy, noisy and experimental tunes which they have performed throughout the country in their energetic live shows. In their current line up they have released a number of diverse singles. Most recently; short and abrasive Hardcore Punk track ‘Knuckle Sandwich’.


White Sage

Solo experimental project of Andy Walsh (little gem records/little gem band/ GODHATESDISCO/ I HeartThe Monster Hero). Dreamwave music to ride your bike to. Experimental spacewave for astral projecting yourself to the surface of other realms, within and without.