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declan synnott, extravision, The Number ones, Snake

Fri. 18 November

Doors 7pm

Declan synnott

Declan Synnott is Cork-based but his heart belongs to Wexford. He plays in several bands including Síoraí Geimhreadh, Horse, Bodycam and Power Acoustics. Solo, his music is based around synthesised and accidental sound. It is generally generous with low end and moves at as slow a pace as possible.


Extravision are a post punk indie band formed in Dublin in 2017 and featuring members of Sissy, Surge and Grave Goods. 

Their music combines melodic bass, airy sustained guitar, heart-wrenching harmonies and pounding rhythms.

The Number ones

The Number Ones are a band based on the east coast of Ireland. They enjoy each other’s company and share varied interests such as the Beatles Anthology and home cooking. Amongst their number are two licensed drivers, one keen cyclist and a reformed hurler. 


From the depths of the sewers of the eastern coast of Ireland comes the blistering cacophony that is SNAKE. New hardcore punk, featuring members of Strong Boys, Fiend and Special Branch.