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Autumns, The Bonk, Clara Tracey, Junior Brother, Marge Bouvier, Moving Statues & Rún

SAt. 19 November

Doors 4pm


Autumns is an outlet for electronic post-punk, fused with elements of dub and sound experimentation. The project showcases a love of whip-cracked rhythms, heavily effected vocals and no-wave guitars. An obsession with freak sounds leads to a high-intensity live show, using minimal equipment for maximum results.

The Bonk

The Bonk is an experimental music ensemble led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Phil Christie. Often taking elliptical rhythms and repetitive ritualistic wordplay as a framework, the group use improvisation to mine the particulars of small situations, musical and otherwise.

Clara Tracey

Originally from Co. Fermanagh, Clara fell in love with the piano at a young age.  Time spent in France introduced her to the Parisian Jazz cafe scene. Her soundscapes and lyrics draw subtle cues from the erotic heroes and heroines of French chanson and literature, from Gainsbourg and Birkin to Colette and Despentes.

Junior Brother

An idiosyncratic, challenging and richly lyrical singer/songwriter, Junior Brother is the pseudonym of Ronan Kealy. His music is both excitingly forward-looking and anciently evocative; strange stories unfold with reckless abandon upon a distinctive guitar and foot tambourine accompaniment, influenced as much by the avant-garde as music from the Middle Ages and his home place in rural Ireland.

Marge  Bouvier

Marge Bouvier has no association with The Simpsons™. No member of Marge Bouvier has ever seen The Simpsons™, or knows what that is.Marge Bouvier make music. They talk your ear off.
They want you to be here.

Moving Statues

Moving Statues is a new musical duo comprised of Brian Kelly (So Cow) and Keith Wallace (Loner Deluxe). Their multi-instrumentalist collaboration spans such diverse musical touchstones as noise-damaged synth pop, kosmische melodicism and spontaneous electronic composition with detours into motorik rock and ambient folk.


Rún is an experimental music trio that merges tribal, synthetic, traditional and drone noise elements into largely improvised live performances. Tara Baoth Mooney, Diarmuid MacDiarmada and Rian Trench generate darkly visceral to ethereal and euphoric atmospheres based on the spaces and audiences they interact with.