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Secret Sonic Cinematheque

Sat. 18 November, 3pm

Serious Business

Zine released Thu. 18 November.

After their rapturous reception at ArdVoltas the Secret Sonic Cinémathèque return to Sligo as part of Spilt Milk Festival. Joined by local luminaries Owen Kilfeather and Tara Baoth Mooney, the group will be performing live part-improvised soundtracks to an eclectic selection of film clips.


Secret Sonic Cinémathèque is an events series, where an ensemble of musicians create rolling live scores for short silent films, playing a live and semi-improvised soundtrack that interprets the narrative and visual elements of the film material. Each musician serves as band leader for a score for a chosen film, and at least one further final short film, chosen by the audience by means of a vote on the night for a particular style or genre of film, and previously unseen by the group of musicians, is scored live, sight-unseen, by the ensemble, by means of finalé.

Andrew Mooney is a musician, band leader, sound designer, improviser and composer dwelling in the wilds of West Wicklow. He’s lead sound designer for DEEP VR, a cutting edge breath based virtual reality project, as well as lead sound designer on an amazing VR experience named The Shape Of Us,where he uses ambisonic recording, as well as traditional sound design techniques. You can see him play live with AMOON – a mostly instrumental band producing sonic vibration to tap your foot to – and Secret Sonic Cinémathèque – writing and performing contemporary scores for old silent films.

Diarmuid MacDiarmada is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Sligo. He is a veteran of the Irish music scene and a founder-member of the ArdVoltas Arts group. He is currently making music and art in a number of projects including the Secret Sonic Cinematheque.

Andrew Edgar is a creative technician and audiovisual practitioner. His practice is broadly collaborative, and includes creative projectionism, video mapping and lighting design. He has been providing production support, custom live visuals, projections and lighting installations for a variety of events and performances for over a decade. Since 2016, with Secret Sonic Cinemathque, he takes on production and projectionist roles, as well as playing the part of the ensemble’s master of ceremonies.

The film will screen in The Model, Sat 18 November,  7-10pm