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Trail & Zine

Seven Wonders of Sligo: Walking Trail & Zine

Fri. 17 - Sun. 19 November

Sligo Town

Zine released Thu. 18 November.

During this fifth edition of Spilt Milk we invite you to explore our town once again through a walking trail and zine. The Seven Wonders of Sligo is a zine which uncovers true stories of Sligo’s paranormal history. Cryptids, moaning murals and kappas all feature in this groundbreaking work of paranormal scholarship.

Join paranormal reasearchers Hexlord, Wyrd Caldron and Technopagan of the Faerie Lord Collective as they explore the paranormal side of Sligo! The map overleaf will guide readers through tales of the upernatural and seven places where other worlds intrude on this one.

Prepare yourself for aliens, cryptids, strange rituals and secrets lurking around every corner…

Available throughout the festival weekend from our merch table, the zine is available to purchase from Bookmart on Bridge Street. Any remaining copies will be available on to purchase online after the festival. 

Launch Event

Sat. 18 November

Pulled Studio

Specially commissioned for the festival by Faerie Lord, a Sligo based collective of paranormal researchers and zine makers. Its members are Wyrd Caldron, Hexlord and Technopagan. They will be appearing at Pulled Studio to launch the zine on Saturday 18 November.

You will NOT meet the authors because they are being kept anonymous for your protection, but you will be able to pick up a copy of Seven Wonders of Sligo, along with free zines and enjoy a special DJ set by dangerous alien creature and collective mascot ‘Faerie Road’ themselves.