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Transmission Playlist

It is only just one day until the beginning of this online edition of Spilt Milk, but we have a small preview to bide that time. A playlist showcasing the many exciting artists that will feature in the upcoming weekend of very special attractions.

A slight variation of this playlist is also available on our YouTube channel.

Youtube will be the place for our streams of Yop, Ten Past Seven and Anthology be sure to hit subscribe on our channel to receive notifications for each premiere and live stream


Irene Buckley - The SWing

Amanda Feery – Pushing Air

John Francis Flynn - Shallow Brown (Live on This Ain’t No Disco)

Elaine Howley - Song for Mary Black

Junk Drawer – What I’ve Learned/What I’m Learning

Myles Manley – were we under attack from England?

M(h)aol – Laundries

Tara Baoth Mooney - Live in Gortermone, Leitrim, 2020

Ailbhe NicOireachtaigh – Lacker

Brigid Mae Power – Wearing Red That Eve

Pretty Happy – Schmuck

Rising Damp - Recognise Facism

Declan Synnott – Crossed by Grain

Ten Past Seven – King Leer

Natalia Beylis – Roslyn’s Stuckhut in the Woods

Woven Skull – Blind Willy

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